Drawing Your Ideas:

Harness the Power of Visual Thinking

as a Communication Tool

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Drawing Your Ideas trainings delivered to 

40 people at Agile Boulder meeting 2019

Paula Kehoe has delivered Drawing Your Ideas: Harness the Power of Visual Thinking as Communication Tool training to over 200 people in 2019.  This hands-on workshop teaches participants the process of how to draw  lines, dots, shapes, icons and colors to represent ideas, concepts, process flows and relationships. One hour mini-training are available for mini-workshops and meetups.  In less than two hours, people who didn't think they could draw, start drawing their ideas. It's truly fun and engaging experience. 

Mini- Workshop Format

In this introductory, hands-on event, participants will learn how adding visuals to brainstorming, ideation, verbal presentations and written text increases audience engagement and comprehension.  Participants will also practice drawing visuals/icons for brainstorming, processes, and collaboration and learn basic visual application strategies for communicating with teams and colleagues

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Visual Thinking Training for Boulder Startup Week 2019, 75 attendees

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Students learn how to draw icons as metaphors for their ideas


Paula Kehoe builds a wall mural with group based on training material