The visual provided by Think Visual, Paula Kehoe added another level to the day's work

Lori Preston, Executive Director, Museum of Boulder 2020, Strategic Planning and Visioning Session

"Thanks again for your inspiring work at our Friday session. I picked up the banner Sunday afternoon. It is safely in our conference room.  Continued success to you! You’re very talented!"

Carla, National Civics League

I have continued to use the visual - most recently in Fort Worth last week, when I presented on our foundation's approach to equity and communicating for impact, to 8 other VPs in a leadership development cohort for community foundations across the country. It's really an effective graphic. Thank you! 


Chris Barge, Community Foundation Boulder Colorado, 2019

"Paula, thank you so much for your creativity and partnership during the NatchCom conference!"

Sincerely, Bing Team (Microsoft) 2018

"Thank you so much for taking the time over a weekend to participate in NatchCom Paula. From the sounds of things the visuals were a big hit.  We really appreciate the effort and contributions in making NatchCom a big success." 

Natchcom Conference Team 2018

"This is wonderful! What a great way to visually compile many of the takeaways from last weeks workshop.  Thanks again for joining us.  We look forward to having you in future workshops."

Boulder, Workshop leader 2018